New Zealand : Trip Details



Bags packed? Check

RV booked? Check

Passport? Check


The day has finally arrived… WE. ARE. OFF. TO. NEW. ZEALAND. 


WHO: me & KT. and Gandalf, of course.


WHAT: 3 week road trip. Outline of our route:


WHERE: New Zealand baby! (read in  Joey Tribbiani’s “London baby!” voice)

New York City to Los Angeles to Sydney to Auckland

TOTAL TRAVEL TIME: 29 hrs 50 mins…..


WHEN: February 20th 2016 – March 11th 2016

This is just past their peak summer season. The weather was just beautiful. Highs in the 70-80s during the day and 50s in the evenings. Not so hot that you’re sweating profusely and just a little chilly in the evening for a nice snuggle in the motorhome.

January and February is considered the peak season in New Zealand. Remember, the seasons are flipped so it’s summer vacation on that side of the world. The end of February is JUST past the peak season. We found it to be great. Less crowds but not completely isolated. Not to mention that prices were significantly lower.

WHY: if you need to ask why, then get out